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Oct 2021
How to Vaccinate Your Small Business Website Against the Covid-19 Economy #5

#5 Stress the Value You Provide If you were to glance at the news headlines lately, you might come away with the impression that economic activity in North America has ground to a halt. That’s simply not true. With a few exceptions (like restaurants and bars), most industries are humming along. What’s changed is the […]

Apr 2012
Weekly Roundup

Here are the links from this week’s posts on Marcy Design Are You Making a Classic Online Marketing Mistake? Can You Really Gain New Customers Over Facebook? The Easiest Way to Improve Your Website A Good Rule of Thumb for Facebook Marketing Are You Promoting Your Small Business Events as Effectively as You Could Be? […]

Apr 2012
More Ideas, More Success

There’s one thing all businesses have in common… customers. How about we start today and give our customers a big reason to use our services. And to buy our products. First, call Marcy Design to help with your web, marketing and advertising. Then, let’s redo those old brochures, redesign our website. And make a powerful […]

Mar 2012
More ideas, more success

Welcome to Marcy Design. Our web site is designed to bring you More Ideas and More Success.  Grab a cup of coffee and take a tour.

Mar 2012
Web marketing advertising

Marcy Design, located in Columbus, Ohio, is a creative marketing company specializing in Web, Marketing and Advertising.

Mar 2012
Can Marcy Design help my business?

Absolutely! Marcy Design can help create, build and host your Web site.  The web, marketing and advertising development team at Marcy Design represents one of the most experienced resources for your business’s online strategy.  We have designed solutions for companies of all sizes.  Imagine what a well designed, user-friendly Web site can do for your […]

Mar 2012
And the award goes to…

Marcy Design is a team of highly skilled marketing professionals.  We are experts in traditional marketing/advertising methods and in all phases of Web site production and development. We have won over 180 awards from local, regional and national competitions.  These awards reflect our strategy and creativity for the projects we produced.  A notable award presented […]

Mar 2012
Marcy Design TV Commercial – Customers

Mar 2012
Marcy Design TV Commercial – Organize

Mar 2012
Marcy Design TV Commercial – Seconds


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