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Jun 2012
Marcy Design Wins 3 National Awards from Hermes Creative

National Awards from Hermes Creative Marcy Design recently won three national awards. Two Platinum Awards and one Gold Award, from Hermes Creative Awards for excellence in website design. The Platinum Awards are the highest awards given. The winning websites were: Columbus Garage and Floor Coating Website – Platinum Award. The Columbus Athenaeum Website – Platinum Award […]

Jan 2011
Building a New Website With Online Marketing Plan

A New Website We’ve noticed something slightly shocking over the past few years. That a new website can be a complete waste of time and money. Now, that’s probably not what you expected to read in this space. More likely, you thought we were going to tell you how, since it can potentially attract hundreds […]

Apr 2009
Dilbert Turns 20 Years Old

Dilbert Comic Strip An iconic comic strip has turned 20 years old. Dilbert, created by Scott Adams, was born on April 16th, 1989. Dilbert appears in 2000 papers in 65 countries and 25 languages. Currently, a book is available titled: Twenty Years of Dilbert (also on DVD). And according to Fast Company, Scott Adams has […]

Nov 2007
YouTube, McDonalds Make a Commercial

YouTube McDonalds Make a Commercial. Fernando Sosa and Thomas Middleditch, two unknown actor/musicians, posted a rap video about Chicken McNuggets on YouTube and created a sensation. The video eventually was spotted by McDonalds and a 30 second spot was created to run on commercial television. Mr. Sosa was also interviewed by Neil Cavuto on FNC. […]

Nov 2007
Blogs Are the Future of Marketing

If you have a business, then you need a blog. This is the future of marketing. According to Technorati, the blogosphere has grown from 100,000 blogs in March 2003 to nearly 73 million in March 2007. The numbers suggest that this is no longer ‘bleeding edge’ technology. Blogs have become mainstream as a valuable source […]

Nov 2007
Marketing Your Business 2.0

If you opened up the doors of a new business 15 years ago. Marketing your business (Marketing 1.0) would have consisted of advertising in the local phone directory. Or printing up business cards, stationary and brochures and waiting by the phone for the customers to call. Once in a while, when business was slow, you […]


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