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Nov 2007
Marketing Your Business 2.0

If you opened up the doors of a new business 15 years ago. Marketing your business (Marketing 1.0) would have consisted of advertising in the local phone directory. Or printing up business cards, stationary and brochures and waiting by the phone for the customers to call. Once in a while, when business was slow, you might even take out an ad in the local paper or drop off a few business cards at a trade show.

Marketing your business in the past

There were computers back then and a new phenomenon called the Internet was breaking loose, but all-in-all marketing was pretty basic. For example, if you needed to research the competition, you would try to find a copy of their brochures. For information about larger potential customers you would have sent away for annual reports. You would have read about general business news in the local or national newspapers.

And local information about your industry would have come from associations and membership organizations. Researching prospects and customers would take you to a place called a library. It was a place that everyone went to, to get the information they needed. Yes, those were the days!

Marketing your business now

Imagine that you have been asleep since then and unaware of the new technologies available for the past 15 years. (You can choose your own reason for sleeping that long!) You’ve suddenly woken up to a new world of marketing. What used to be a simple world of basic marketing is now a world of Blogs, Widgets and Wikis.

To say that times have changed is an understatement.

Technology now allows us to market our businesses in ways we never could have dreamed about. And even though we haven’t been asleep the past 15 years it’s still amazing to imagine the potential of utilizing this technology. Welcome to Marketing Your Business 2.0.

Marcy Design will bring a fresh perspective

On how your business can take advantage of this brave new world of marketing. We will review new products, services and Web sites related to marketing. Feel free to review the RSS feeds on this Web site to gain a better understanding of what’s out there.

And let us know if you have any questions or new insight to share. One last thought, according to the consulting firm Capgemini, more than 80% of consumers surveyed in 2006 said they used the Web during the buying process, twice as many as in 2004 and more than four times as many as in 2002. This new world of marketing revolves around the Internet.

All in all we are recognized as the best in the business. And Marcy Design can provide businesses in Columbus, Ohio with web designmarketingadvertising and social media.


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