Dec 2012
Two Things You Can Learn From Cyber Monday Shopping Sprees

While the numbers and results from “Cyber Monday” are still being dissected and analyzed, it’s already been estimated that more than $1.25 billion in sales were going up through Internet connections around the country in 2012. For some online retailers, usual sales targets were made or missed within hours.

By taking a step back and looking at a wide perspective, there are two things marketers can learn from the Cyber Monday shopping spree:

1. That building anticipation is a good way to gross sales. As with “Black Friday,” Cyber Monday has become not just a series of sales, but a cultural event. While you might not be able to generate the same kind of buzz around an upcoming special, you can build anticipation amongst your customers for big savings at a certain point in time, year after year.

2. That you can use the calendar to put customers in a buying mood. On the other hand, Cyber Monday only exists because of the holiday season. Are there certain times of the year that make buyers in your industry more likely to go shopping? Even if you don’t see any obvious days or dates, look back through previous sales trends to see if you can spot any weeks or months where customers are spending more.

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