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Why This Might Be the Perfect Time to Redesign Your Association Website

May 1, 2020

As the business landscape has changed over the last few weeks, the associations we work with have responded by being proactive in looking for new information and solutions. Naturally, we always think it’s smarter to be ahead of the curve than falling behind. That’s why, after consulting with several of […]

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Marcy Design Wins 2 International Web Design Awards

Apr 3, 2020

COLUMBUS, OH, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2020 — The Marcy Design Group, Inc., won two 2020 Gold Awards from the from the Hermes Creative Awards. Hermes is an international competition for creative professionals. Awards for Design included two in the Electronic Media / Social Media / Interactive Media / Website […]

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Marcy Design – Developing Ecommerce Websites for Your Business

Mar 31, 2020

All websites should sell, that’s a given. But websites that can actually make cold hard cash for you while you’re sleeping are a different breed, one that get us very excited. We specialize in developing high performing eCommerce websites for a wide range of different industries. Marcy Design releases new […]

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7 Steps to a Working SEO Campaign #2

Mar 12, 2020

#2 Use Smart Keyword Research Another way to “look before you leap” with search engine optimization is to undergo smart keyword research. It doesn’t make much sense to start tinkering with your website and developing new content if you aren’t sure which terms and phrases you should be ranking for. […]

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Mentor, Hero, My Brother

Feb 14, 2020

The world lost a wonderful person last month. And I lost a mentor, a hero, and a brother, Daniel Krivicich, Jr. The dictionary describes a mentor as “an experienced and trusted adviser.” That seems a bit cold to me. A mentor is really a teacher or a guide, who has […]

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7 Steps to a Working SEO Campaign: #1

Jan 15, 2020

If you have a business, then you almost certainly have a business website. And once you establish some sort of online presence, it isn’t long before you start thinking about search engine optimization (SEO). Nearly every business owner, manager, and executive on the planet would like to get a bigger […]

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Are You Ready for the (Near) Future of SEO? Part 1 of 3

Dec 16, 2019

Web designers and marketers at every level are constantly trying to decipher large pieces of (often contradictory) data to figure out what the future of search engine optimization holds. They pore over Google’s press releases, study algorithm updates, and take deep dives into their web analytics to see if they […]

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Your 3-Step Customer Acquisition Plan: Step 3

Nov 20, 2019

Step #3: Generating Conversions from Your Website We began this short guide by pointing out that your website only has real bottom-line value for your business if it can help you generate sales opportunities. Those conversions—whether they come in the form of completed credit card purchases or new inquiries and […]

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Your 3-Step Customer Acquisition Plan: Step 2

Oct 21, 2019

Step #2: Attracting Buyers to Your Website Every business, no matter what size it is, where it’s located, or what has to offer, needs shoppers before it can have buyers. Unless you have people who are looking at your products or services, you aren’t going to sell to any of […]

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Your 3 Step Online Customer Acquisition Plan

Sep 17, 2019

You’re fully aware that your business needs a website that’s beautiful, functional, and supported by a well-thought-out Internet marketing plan. But why? What is its real purpose? The answer to that question is almost always “to generate sales or leads.” As obvious as that might seem, however, it’s a detail […]

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