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Nov 2022
Why Buyers Love Pinterest and Image Sites

Buyers Love PinterestBuyers Love Pinterest

The latest trend in social media is the rise of picture-based websites (like Pinterest), which has other types of companies taking notice. In fact, eBay recently admitted that their site’s redesign was at least partially inspired by the public’s love for social media and picture sites. Buyers love Pinterest.

So why is it that people love Pinterest, and what does it mean for your online marketing plan? Here are three quick answers:

1. Pictures convey quick ideas. Your customers – and Internet users in general – are busier than ever. The more quickly they can distill key concepts, the less time they have to spend digging through details.

2. Images can offer more entertainment value. While very few blog posts like this one are genuinely cute or ironic, a lot of pictures you see on social networking sites are.

3. Pictures generate an instant emotional connection. In the same way, because they are registered more quickly by different parts of our brain. Images can convey specific emotions or experiences almost instantly.

So, how can you put the power of images to work for you? That’s easy – start experimenting. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes photos, industry insider jokes. Or even just fun little clips, try spreading branded images through your social media marketing campaigns. Buyers love Pinterest.

It might take a bit of practice to make them effective, but if you can, customers will be passing them around in no time.

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