Nov 2022
What Great Football Games Can Teach You About Online Marketing

As a football fan there is nothing better than watching your team come back after being behind several scores. Look closely, and you can even find some online marketing lessons from their triumphs.

What kind of takeaways could a business owner or manager pull from a group of athletes running, passing, and tackling? There is one observation in particular that should stand out over all the rest.

How Epic Football Wins Are Like Online Marketing Success

It’s easy to forget after the fact, but no football team ever comes from two or three touchdowns behind with a single play. There might be a point where momentum shifts, or a new tactic is introduced, but it still takes several possessions before the results – i.e., the score – finally catch up.

This is something business owners tend to forget when working with websites and campaigns. They want everything to happen all at once, or to see a switch and tactics pay off almost immediately. That can happen, but more often than not there is a gradual accumulation of gains that suddenly looks like an all-at-once breakthrough.

That shifting strategy and momentum are important, but don’t expect them to show up in your bottom line right away. Instead, just keep blocking, tackling, and getting the basics right. Then it will only be a matter of time before you start to see more customers coming your way.

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