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Jan 2023
Three Reasons Binge Marketing Doesn't Work

Binge MarketingBinge Marketing

Although fitness and weight loss are big concerns in our country, you’ll find that doctors from coast to coast strongly advise against “binge dieting.” For the simple reason that it’s dangerous and just doesn’t work. It’s a lot more healthy and natural to simply change your eating habits on a permanent basis and let the results come over time. The same is true of binge Marketing.

We bring this up today because the same applies to marketing, where companies of all sizes will occasionally attempt to “binge” on a marketing blitz when things haven’t been going as well as they had hoped, or they’ve put off marketing for quite a while.

But, binge marketing doesn’t work, and here are three reasons why:

1. Binge marketing is expensive.

When you try to quickly pour a lot of money into different marketing projects, you’ll ultimately end up spending a lot more than you should in the short term.

2. It forces you to do too much, too quickly.

That means that key details are missed, feedback isn’t gathered from clients quickly enough, and mistakes that could have been avoided with more planning are going to be made.

3. Even if it works, there can be lots of problems.

Having too many inquiries and customers is almost as big a problem as having too few.

Do the smart thing and let your campaigns grow and develop over time. That isn’t just more cost-effective, but also a lot less stressful. Call Marcy Design, a Columbus Ohio website design company to help with your webmarketing and advertising campaigns.


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