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Sep 2022
The Three Easiest Ways to Optimize Your Site for Local Search

Optimize Your SiteOptimize Your Site

Last year, Google made news by pointing out that roughly one out of every five searches contained a geographic keyword. A number some experts now think is much too low. Whereas print directories used to be the number one resource for customers looking for local businesses. Search engines have become their preferred destination. So, optimize your site to keep up.

That means there is a huge opportunity for most businesses (and especially retailers) to find better, more loyal customers. By simply optimizing their websites for local search. Here are the three easiest ways to do just that:

1. Use your city and state as keywords.

These are the keywords buyers are most likely to search for, along with your industry or type of business, so make sure to include them in your headings and page titles.

2. Make sure your zip code can be found on your business website.

Likewise, search engines remember zip codes through cookies and past searches. Make sure buyers in your immediate area can find you quickly by including the zip code at least once or twice in your site.

3. Start and maintain a Google+ profile.

For a while, Google Places was the top resource for finding local businesses, but that was absorbed into Google+. That means you should have a profile, complete with your location, map, and photos or driving directions.

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