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Jun 2022
The Three E-mail Marketing Numbers That Matter Most

Three E-mail Marketing NumbersThree E-mail Marketing Numbers

Three E-mail marketing numbers have changed a lot in recent years. But it’s still one of the most reliable. And effective ways to reach new customers and stay in touch with existing buyers.

To make the most of it, however, you have to keep an eye on the numbers. In particular, there are three that should always grab your attention:

1. The percentage of your e-mails that are actually viewed. If customers aren’t opening your e-mail newsletter. Then it’s a sign that your headlines aren’t strong enough. Or your topics and offers aren’t compelling enough to grab their attention.

2. Click-through rates to your website. Likewise, if customers are opening your e-mails and reading them, but not clicking through to your website. then something is wrong – you might need to make a stronger offer to get them to take action.

3. The drop-out rate of your list. You’ll always lose some subscribers over time. But anything more than a very small percentage should tell you that your list isn’t targeted enough. Your message isn’t relevant enough, or you are reaching buyers too often.

By studying these three numbers closely. You can prevent a lot of small e-mail marketing problems from becoming bigger issues later on. Not to mention maximize the value of every message you send.

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