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Aug 2022
The One Thing That Can't be Missing From a Marketing E-mail

Marketing E-mailMarketing E-mail

Over the years, we have seen firsthand how a strong, ongoing e-mail marketing e-mail campaign can literally double or triple sales. But, as we’ve pointed out in the past, it takes a lot more than a randomly selected list of contacts. And a few marketing pitches to make you profitable.

For all that goes into a strong e-mail campaign, however, there is one item that simply cannot be missing from your messages: a strong, attention-grabbing headline.

The reason is simple – if people aren’t interested enough to open your e-mail. Or give it more than a passing thought, then it isn’t going to have any bottom-line impact. With that in mind, here are three ways to get your customers paying attention:

1. Appeal to their curiosity.

When you saw this title (The One Thing That Can’t Be Missing…), weren’t you at least a little curious to know what it was? The same principle can work well in your marketing e-mails.

2. Make it urgent.

We all prioritize items that are time-sensitive. Remember that, and think of headlines that emphasize the urgent, like “10 Things You Need To Know Before The April 15 Tax Deadline.”

3. Write headlines that are specific.

Nobody likes generic e-mails, but if yours is written directly to the customer (for instance: Three Facts Every New Parent Can Use To Get More Sleep). Then you’ll have your reader’s attention.

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