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Sep 2022
The One Idea That Can Hurt Your Marketing Plan the Most

Your Marketing Plan the MostYour Marketing Plan the Most

Occasionally, you see a company make a marketing gaffe that’s so big it’s almost funny. Typically, these revolve around naming a product something that’s unintentionally offensive or humorous. Or testing an ad campaign that’s meant to be attention-grabbing but only turns out to be bizarre. This might hurt your marketing plan the most.

Given that these often become front-page business news for the wrong reasons, companies of all sizes work hard to avoid them. Unfortunately, what they usually aren’t looking out for is the one marketing idea that can actually hurt a company even more. The great one that they have never taken action on.

How many spectacular ideas have been forgotten, overlooked, or simply sat on the shelf for too long? It’s impossible to say. But we’ve all had the feeling of realizing that we had a true touch of inspiration and watched it get away. Usually after someone else uses the same idea to great success.

How do you stop great marketing ideas from getting away from you? Here are a few tips to get you thinking:

Trust yourself and your own instincts.

It’s easy to doubt your own talents and abilities, but don’t overlook your own potential for genius. Never be afraid to bring up something you think could be profitable or helpful.

Surround yourself with knowledgeable people you can trust.

When you have industry experts, marketing veterans, and other trusted team members on your side. You can get the right kinds of feedback on your thoughts. This might hurt your marketing plan the most.

Test everything.

Even when you’ve been in marketing for quite a while. It’s not always easy to tell the best ideas from the worst. That’s why it’s important to test everything and let customers tell you what they respond to.

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