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Jan 2023
The Easiest Way To Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing EffectivenessMarketing Effectiveness

There aren’t a lot of surefire ways to boost the results you’re going to get from a marketing plan. But if you’re looking for marketing effectiveness tool to increase your ROI in 2013, try this: Be more specific about everything.

That is, as you put your marketing plan together, force yourself to be more focused than you have in the past. For example, narrow in on:

  • The exact kind of customer you want to attract
  • What your specific selling proposition is, and how it’s different from others in the market
  • What kinds of precise, measurable marketing results you’re looking for
  • The amount of time and money you want to spend on your marketing plan
  • Which efforts and techniques you want to be sure to try, and how often or how much you want to spend

This list could go on and on, but the point is to turn your Internet marketing goals from a big wish list into something that’s very targeted, specific, and actionable. The more focused you are, the fewer questions you have about what to do next, where to make an investment, and so on.

To bring better results to your marketing plan in 2013, bring more focus first. The better you know your company and what you’re trying to do, the easier it is to take the next step.

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