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Jan 2023
The Best and Worst Way to Evaluate Marketing Case Studies

Marketing Case StudiesMarketing Case Studies

When you’re on the web, looking for a new business web designer or Internet marketing firm. You undoubtedly come across dozens of different marketing case studies and success stories, each one designed to prove that the firm you’re reading about really is the best.

In some cases they might be, and others might be stretching the truth a bit… but do you know how to tell the difference?

Too many decision-makers simply look at what’s being said and take everything at face value. Even worse, some just look for designers or firms who have worked with another company in their industry and choose based on that. Those are understandable mistakes, but they aren’t good for your business.

The best way to evaluate case studies and success stories, on the other hand, is by ignoring the type of business or industry (or even location) the client was in, and instead to look at the challenges they faced – are they in a similar business situation to the one you have, with similar types of competitors, budgets, and overall goals?

Find a company that has solved the same kind of problems you have, regardless of what industry it was in, and you’ll find an Internet marketing team who can help you succeed.

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