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Jun 2022
Should You Care About Changes to Search Engine Algorithms?

Search Engine AlgorithmsSearch Engine Algorithms

If you spend any amount of time reading through online marketing websites these days. You could easily come to the conclusion that pandas and penguins are overrunning the earth. Waiting to ruin perfectly good websites and render them worthless without any warning at all. Let’s review search engine algorithms.

The reality, of course, has nothing to do with wild animals. And everything to do with recent changes to Google’s algorithm. Changes that a lot of business owners and webmasters aren’t very fond of. But all of their grumbling aside, should you care about changes to search engine algorithms at all?

In short, probably not. That’s because 99% of all business websites haven’t been affected at all. The changes to Google’s formula were designed to filter out some of the most obvious ways to gather cheap links and content. Unless you’ve been spreading thousands of articles throughout the Internet. Or copying text from other people’s pages, you probably don’t have a lot to worry about.

Changes to search engine algorithms are nothing new, and you can bet they’ll continue to come along in the future. So long as you’re building your search engine profile the right way. And attracting customers by building a great website. However, the chances they’re going to derail your online marketing plan are pretty small.

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