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May 2022
Is Your Small Business Taking Advantage of Foursquare?

Taking Advantage of FoursquareTaking Advantage of Foursquare

Of all the newer social media sites out there, Foursquare might be the one with the biggest potential for local retailers. If you aren’t familiar with it, then they concept is pretty simple. It’s social networking combined with next-generation mobile devices. A site that allows people to share great finds while inviting them to explore the geographic area. Other businesses are taking advantage of Foursquare.

The first thing to remember is that it’s not hard to see how this kind of application could help you bring more customers into your retail space. From reviews by happy shoppers to specials, QR codes. And even having a “mayor” of your store or area, Foursquare gives business owners something they have dreamed about for a long time. The opportunity to let other people create new customers and fans in an instant.

Like all social networking sites, however, you have to be involved if you’re going to benefit at all. And luckily it’s easy to sign up and get started at Foursquare. And you might even beat the rush in your neighborhood. Don’t wait too long, though; while the site might only have 5 million members at the moment, it’s poised to grow quickly.

Finally retailers have long dreamed of a way to turn social media contacts into repeat buyers. With Foursquare, they may have just found the best tool yet.

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