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Nov 2022
How Your Marketing Message Changes During a Trade Show

Your Marketing MessageYour Marketing Message

We spend a fair amount of time writing about trade shows and industry events, and it certainly isn’t by accident. For one thing, the Marcy team has been fortunate enough to get lots of work. Primarily aimed at tradeshow displays, collateral material, and branding efforts. And for another, our clients love that we can help them make significant sales. In just a few days by employing the right tools to enhance your marketing message.

Today, we want to point out one subtle piece of tradeshow marketing that is easy to overlook. That marketing materials put together for a trade show should usually have a broader appeal than other materials would.

At first glance, it might seem that we have things backwards. After all, if all the attendees are going to be from a certain industry, shouldn’t your materials be more focused, not less?

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That’s certainly true in a sense. But it’s also true that salespeople typically meet a larger range of personnel from within their customers’ companies than they normally do. In other words, while they might be used to working with the shipping manager or HR leader. A tradeshow crowd might include executives, customer support teams, and many other contacts.

For that reason, there is a certain balancing act you need to manage when putting together tradeshow marketing materials. It’s okay if they appeal to a certain industry or topic, but as a rule of thumb they should also speak to multiple levels – and multiple decision-makers – within a company as well.

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