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Sep 2022
How Your Employees Can Help You With a Business Website Redesign

Business Website Redesign

For midsized companies, the business website redesign can be as much of a personnel challenge as a design one. After all, how do you decide who the contacts and decision-makers should be. And which employees should be involved at all?

Our advice is to entrust the owner or set of key executives with all key decisions (too many opinions can slow things to a crawl). But to open up the rest of the process to other employees. After all, they might have unique and valuable input that can be helpful. Especially during the planning and preparation stage.

Here are a few ways your employees and departments can help you get a better business website:

•    Salespeople can tell you which products and topics are “hot,” and what concerns new customers would most like to see addressed.
•    Customer service personnel can lead you towards the most commonly asked questions. And issues that come up on a day-to-day basis, so you can address them on your business website.
•    Your marketing people (or marketing firm) can make sure your new business website is in sync with the themes and concepts you are emphasizing in the media.
•    Accounting team members can give you insight on billing or delivery issues that are best mentioned online.
•    Your human resources professionals could tell you what kinds of openings you’ll have in the future, and what needs to be on your website to attract talented employees.
•    Receptionists and admin staff might be able to give pointers on contact details for vendors, potential employees, etc.
This list could go on and on. But the point is that, early on in the process, having input from these groups (and others) can make the process of designing a complex website a little bit easier. So be sure to include them.

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