Nov 2021
How to Vaccinate Your Small Business Website Against the Covid-19 Economy #6

#6 Keep Your Buyers and Prospects Engaged

As a Columbus Ohio website design company, Marcy Design knows that we’re in a difficult period of time. Regardless of which track you are taking to keep selling through 2020, one thing you can’t afford to do is go quiet. You want customers and prospects to be hearing from you just as regularly as they were at the beginning of the year… if not more often.

You may have noticed for yourself that many of your colleagues and competitors have stopped reaching out. They might think they’re saving themselves time and money or getting out of the way while the world seems so busy. In reality, though, they’re taking themselves off of customers’ minds. They may even be accidentally creating the impression that they’ve gone out of business.

This is the perfect time to be more active with your email newsletter and more visible on your social media accounts. Keeping up with either one isn’t going to take a huge chunk of your schedule, and you can use both while spending next to nothing. As an added bonus you can even build brand awareness, spread positivity, or highlight the customer success stories we’ve already mentioned utilizing web, marketing and advertising campaigns.

No matter what you’re sending, though, make sure that you’re staying active and letting the world know that you’re open for business and ready to help. Marcy Design is located in Columbus, Ohio and we’re ready to provide your business website design services.

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