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Jul 2022
How to Get TV Advertising Right, Part Two

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In our last post, we gave a couple of tips for making the most of television advertising opportunities. Which have a very big reach, but can also be a lot more expensive than other marketing avenues. Today, get TV advertising and add to those by giving you the most important reminder of all. Make your television ad spots memorable.

That’s probably up there with “make sure to bring an umbrella if it’s going to rain,” in terms of self-evident advice,. But it’s still something that needs to be restated. That’s because, no matter how well you research and target your market. If your advertising message isn’t spot-on. Then you’re just wasting a lot of money and airtime.

What makes a television advertising message memorable? That depends on the situation, but humor, an innovative offer, or even a catchy tune or slogan can do the trick. The best thing to do is come up with a few concepts, work with existing customers to see what they respond to. And especially have the right creative team on your side.

Without a memorable marketing message, television ads represent money wasted from your bottom line. Do you have the right creative agency helping to plan your campaign?

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