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Jul 2022
How to Get TV Advertising Right, Part One

How to Get TV Advertising RightHow to Get TV Advertising Right

Although the Internet is becoming available in more and more places every day – and on more and more devices. It still can’t match the reach that television has as an advertising medium. That reach comes with a big increase in costs. However, so it’s important to make the most of your investment and get the message right. This is how to get TV advertising right.

How can you do that? A good rule of thumb is to keep two different things in mind. Repetition and targeting.

Repetition is important in television advertising because very few customers will respond to an advertisement. Even one they really like, after the first viewing. In fact, studies have shown that it usually takes more than a dozen different instances of the same ad to make a deep impression. Major advertisers know this, which is why you can recite slogans and songs for big brands off the top of your head.

Targeting, on the other hand, is equally critical. The reason is simple: Television ads are relatively expensive. If you’re going to run one profitably. Then it’s important to match up the right programs and time slots with the demographics and target markets you need. Although there is bound to be some waste when advertising on TV. You can run a much more efficient campaign by researching audiences up front.

In the next post, we’ll share our third tip for television advertising success.

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