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Jun 2022
Don't Fall for These Three Classic Marketing Traps

Classic Marketing TrapsClassic Marketing Traps

In some ways, marketing is always changing – especially in the digital age. In other ways, however, few things ever change at all. No matter how or where you are finding new customers. The name of the game remains to catch their interest, make a compelling offer, and then turn them into customers. And to avoid the three classic marketing traps.

In fact, it isn’t often those goals that trip us up, but all the tactics and ideas that come into the picture along the way. For that reason, it’s important that you avoid these three classic marketing traps. Regardless of whether you look for business online or off:

1. Simply doing what’s fun or easy. We are all creatures of habit, and we all prefer marketing methods that we are most comfortable with. Make sure to mix it up once in a while, or you could miss out on a highly profitable tip or technique.

2. Over-emphasizing the latest and greatest thing. New marketing ideas (and especially fun ones like social media marketing) might show a lot of potential. But don’t rely on them completely until you’ve seen a positive return on investment.

3. Blindly following your competitors. Even your smartest and most successful competitors don’t know everything. Be brave enough to trust your instincts and try some new things. You just might end up being the company that they want to imitate in the future.

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