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Oct 2022
Does Your Business Website Need to be Compatible With Older Browsers?

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Although most business owners and managers might not know exactly what version their web browser is. Most of us are aware that they’re changing all the time. Regardless of whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or even Google’s Chrome. You probably run constant updates all the time for your business website.

Many of these updates are small and relatively inconsequential. But some are major overhauls that lead to entirely new editions. The net result is that the vast majority of web users access business websites through recent versions of their favorite web browsers.

Notice that we said most, however, not all. Believe it or not, there are still lots of people out there using older versions of web browsers. And so, when you’re looking for a new business website. It makes sense to ask: Does your new site have to be compatible with those versions or not?

Here are two quick guidelines to help you find the right answer:

Know your customers. Ironically, it’s usually small businesses and the self-employed who are most up to date. That’s because large corporations and government agencies tend to work on long-term IT plans and contracts. And so, they tend to not update as frequently, because the changes have bigger implications and more side effects.

Check out your analytics package. It usually isn’t too hard to figure out whether visitors have been coming to your site on older browser versions or not. The key things to notice aren’t just the numbers, but how much time they’re spending on your site.

In general, it isn’t difficult to make a fantastic-looking business website that will work with almost any browser. Why not call Marcy Design, a Columbus Ohio website design company to help with your webmarketing and advertising campaigns.


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