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Jan 2023
Could You Turn Past Failures Into Future Successes?

Turn Past Failures Into Future SuccessesTurn Past Failures Into Future Successes

Right about now, most of us are getting more than enough advice on what to do at the end of the year, how to spend our money. And what sorts of things to reflect on. So, with our apologies for piling on, let us share an important idea that not enough business leaders take advantage of: Use a couple of hours this New Year’s to reflect not just on what you want to do next year, but what went wrong in 2012. And how to Turn Past Failures Into Future Successes.

For a lot of people, dwelling on past failures seems like a waste of time, or worse. But, by looking back at the things that didn’t pan out this calendar year – especially with your marketing plan – you can often find the seeds of a more successful campaign going forward.
The key is to ask yourself important questions, like:

  • Would this have succeeded with more resources?
  • Was the idea simply ahead of its time?
  • Could it have worked if we had given it longer?
  • Is there another way to reach the same segment of the market?
  • Have any competitors entered or left the field that would make it easier to try again?
  • Have other companies successfully pulled off the same thing?
  • Is there any value in tweaking the message and trying again?

One or more of these questions might lead you in the right direction, but the point to be made is that some ideas are best scrapped, while others simply need to be put aside for a while.
Did you have a loser in your marketing campaign this year that could be a winner next year?

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