Jun 2012
Are You Ready for the Changing Face of Social Media?

Social media is changing and evolving at a rapid rate, and we don’t just mean the rise of sites like Twitter and Reddit. It isn’t just the forums your customers are coming to that are shifting, but the way they interact with them altogether. In order to execute a successful social media marketing campaign, it’s important that you understand some of the fundamental ways that these sites are different than they used to be:

More pictures and videos are showing up on social media sites. The reason is simple: They’re faster and more memorable. Is your company doing enough to generate non-text content?

Social media users are being more selective with their attention. We all only have so many hours in the day, and following bland tweets from an unknown personality isn’t worth the time anymore. What are you bringing to the discussion?

Social media is getting more personal. Although social media marketing is largely about branding, you can’t afford to be “just a brand.” Are you engaging buyers on a personal level?

Although social networking sites will continue to change, there’s no reason to believe these trends are going away. How can we help you make the most of them?

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