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Nov 2022
Are You Missing Out on the Digital Publishing Trend?

Digital Publishing TrendDigital Publishing Trend

Regular clients and readers of our blog will already know that we are big fans of digital publishing trends. And the many opportunities it brings. In just a short amount of time, you can be published on Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iTunes Store. And other venues, bringing you new shots at Internet marketing and online profits.

In fact, here are three things you get out of publishing digital content:

1. Instant credibility. When people see that you are a published author. Even if it’s just for a long article – their opinion of your expertise goes up. Why not take advantage of that and become an authority in your field?

 2. Customers outside of your target market. Your published document can also serve as marketing collateral for customers. That you don’t (or wouldn’t) meet with on a regular basis. Who knows how many potential buyers will come across your work and want to find out more?

3. A new profit stream. Like a mobile app, your published piece could become a hot seller. Bringing you and/or your business a new revenue stream. We can all use a little extra money every month, and the right book, article, or recording can help your bottom line in a big way.

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