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Jun 2022
A Simple Way to Connect With More of Your Best Customers

Your Best CustomersYour Best Customers

If you’re looking for a simple but effective way to build your brand and increase buyer loyalty. Then consider trying a charitable approach. Businesses of all sizes have used nonprofit work and contributions as a marketing tool for more than a century. But it’s something that still carries weight with your best customers today.

For a small or medium-sized company, giving to any sort of charitable organization can lead to positive publicity and a boost in image. If you go one step further, though, and choose a cause that’s near and dear to your buyers. Then your public support can amount to something like a PR and marketing campaign all at once.

Two quick words of advice: First, try not to choose any charity that’s controversial amongst your customers. Backing the wrong kind of political organization (for example) could give you more problems than benefits. And second, approach your business’s charitable giving with the right frame of mind. Although it’s perfectly acceptable to try to improve your public profile in this way (after all, doing good is a good thing. No matter what your reasons are), try not to overdo it promoting your company.

When buyers see you care about the same things that they do, good things can happen. And besides, isn’t it great to have a part of your marketing plan that is also good for the world around you?

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