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Nov 2022
3 Ways to Waste Less on Print Marketing

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As we have noted in the past, Internet advertising hasn’t killed the printed medium, but it has changed the way print marketing works. One of the biggest and most profound changes has been a shift toward efficiency. Whereas companies would once think nothing of devoting a huge part of their budget to a specific print marketing. They are now careful to allocate resources with an eye toward reducing waste.

That’s just good business – for the bottom line and the environment.

With that in mind, here are three ways to waste less on print marketing:

1. Concentrate on evergreen messages. Try to focus your printed pieces on marketing messages that either aren’t time sensitive, or come around at regular intervals (like tax season, for example).

2. Always be refining your list. No matter how good your printed piece is, it’s useless if your prospect simply throws it into the recycling bin. The more targeted your list is, the higher ROI you’ll see from every mailing or distribution.

3. Print fewer copies per run. This sounds like common sense, but many of us came to the marketing industry in an era where printing huge blocks was the best way to save money. You might get a lower per-copy cost, but that doesn’t help if the piece is ineffective, or doesn’t stay effective.

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