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Aug 2022
3 Reasons Internet Advertising is Better Than Print, Radio, or TV Ever Were

Internet Advertising is BetterInternet Advertising is Better

For lots of business owners and marketing managers, finding the split in an advertising budget between traditional methods (like print, radio, and television ads) and online options can be difficult. While the best advice is always to follow your return on investment, it’s becoming easier than ever to make a strong case for Internet ads over other forms of media.

In fact, here are three reasons that Internet advertising is better than print, radio, and TV ever were:

1. Internet ads require shorter lead times. That means you can be more responsive to the market, plan campaigns more quickly, and wait less time to have your advertising campaign go live. Who doesn’t like faster, more efficient results?

2. Internet advertising is more targeted. Speaking of efficiency, promoting your products and services online allows you to target customers in a way that other forms of new media never did. This is especially true with the newer social media pay-per-click programs, which allow you to filter prospects for lots of different characteristics.

3. Internet advertising allows you to make changes and run different campaigns. If you find that things aren’t going the way you hoped with a traditional print or television campaign. For example, there isn’t a lot you can do. With Internet advertising, though, shifting your strategy is hardly ever complicated, expensive, or time-consuming.

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