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Jun 2022
3 Quick Rules for Trade Show Design

Rules for Trade Show DesignRules for Trade Show Design

Designing trade show exhibits and collateral marketing materials is a unique design challenge. And one that we take very seriously. After all, for a lot of our clients, the best chance they’ll have to impress important prospects. Not to mention colleagues and vendors). Is the time they spend on a trade show floor. It’s important that they put their best foot forward, in terms of design. If they are going to make the most of the opportunity. Here are three quick rules for trade show design that we follow. And that might be valuable to you:

1. Every piece needs to be eye-catching. The first thing to remember is that your customers might be gathered in one place at a trade show. But so are your competitors. That means that standing out in the crowd should be a top priority.

2. Emphasize simplicity. Because there is so much going on in a trade show environment. You don’t want to use complicated sales messages. Simple designs and copywriting work best.

3. It’s a good idea to leave a bit of white space. It isn’t unusual for trade show materials. To be used as impromptu notepads for contact numbers, e-mails, and even quick calculations. A little white space can go a long way.

Trade shows are an important part of a lot of industries. Shouldn’t your marketing pieces be designed especially for the job?

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