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Sep 2022
2 Ways That Online Marketing is Like a Steep Mountain Climb

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Although Ohio isn’t really known for its mountainous terrain, lots of movies, books, and television specials. Have given us an interesting look at the lives of climbers and their adventures over the past few years. And one thing that we’ve noticed – besides the fact that mountain climbing appears to be a bit difficult and dangerous. Is that online marketing actually parallels a lot of the things our clients go through in a couple of important ways.

To see what we mean, here are two distinct similarities between mountain climbing and online marketing:

1. The summit is always both farther and closer than you think.

In the beginning of an online marketing campaign, it always seems like you are only days away from being rich and successful. Then, the reality that it’s going to take some work sets in, and marketers focus on the tasks at hand on a week-by-week basis. Only to eventually discover that they’ve become very profitable! The lesson: Keep your head down and put one foot in front of the other. Do that for long enough, and you’ll reach the top (both literally and figuratively).

2. The descent is as dangerous as the climb.

Amazingly enough, most mountain climbers aren’t hurt trying to reach the summit, but fall on the way back down the mountain when they are mentally “taking it easy.” Although it’s difficult to actually hurt yourself physically through online marketing, the message is clear. Just because you made it to the top of your industry doesn’t mean you can rest. There are still other competitors and dangers around the corner, so don’t let up.

The next time you see a mountain climbing special on TV, stop to watch it for a moment. It just might make you appreciate how hard it is to climb a mountain. But also how much work it takes to put your Internet marketing plan into action.

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