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Jul 2016
3 Election Year Internet Marketing Lessons


Internet Marketing

Every week, more and more Americans are going to the polls to support their favorite candidates. But, while political writers will be thinking about elections and policy implications, we have been watching the whole thing through the lens of Internet marketing. Specifically, we’ve been wondering what kinds of lessons business owners and managers can draw from what they are seeing with Internet marketing.

If you’re wondering what kind of tips you can glean from election season, you’re in luck. Here are three great web marketing insights you can gather from the ongoing debates, polls, and primaries:

#1 It’s Better to be a Leader Than a Follower

As the votes come in from different parts of the country, leaders tend to emerge in each party. Then, something interesting starts to happen. Those frontrunners become the ones who set the tone, dictate the conversation, and steer the narratives. All the other candidates are forced to follow.

The same thing happens online. If you dominate Internet marketing (whether you’d define it by industry, geography, or in another way). Then competitors are going to have to adapt to your messages and tactics. In business or politics, it’s always better to be a leader than a follower.

#2 Buyers Will Jump on a Bandwagon

Because politics are based on psychology, it’s not surprising that momentum can propel campaigns forward quickly. Starting with just a few committed supporters, candidates can quickly grow in influence. As these men and women tell their friends and families about the politician’s best features.

You can see that same dynamic play out again and again in the business world through Internet marketing. Make a few important influencers happy, and they’ll sing your praises on social media and review sites for weeks or years to come. If you can impress the right And Full of customers, other buyers will jump on the bandwagon.

#3 It’s Important to Win the Right Endorsements

In the political world, voters can often be swayed by an influential person who endorses. Or lends their support, to another leader. If you’re a big fan of your governor, for instance, their recommendation to vote for presidential candidate might be meaningful.

In Internet marketing, the same thing takes place when it comes to reviews and inbound links. The more credible recommendations you can accumulate from people who know what they’re talking about The easier it’s going to be for you to win new customers and persuade them that your products or services have great value. Pay attention to the testimonials and reviews you receive, because these often carry more weight with buyers than your own marketing does. Marcy Design can help.

Politicians might not be trying to find “customers” in the traditional sense, but by experimenting with different strategies to win hearts and minds. They are showing business owners what it takes to bring buyers around. Remember that the next time you see your favorite (or least-favorite) politician in the news. Perhaps they are trying to get your vote, but there also showing you how to bring more customers around to your company. Columbus Ohio Website Design


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