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Nov 2020
Are Your Online Marketing Goals and Your Social Media Goals the Same?

As hot topics go, it’s hard to beat social media, website design and online marketing goals. Just as search engines hit a “critical mass” several years ago. When they became the stepping stones to the rest of the web. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are now many people’s first and most frequent stops when they go online.

Firstly that’s a tidal wave that’s hundreds of millions of users strong. Given that nearly everyone you know, from your family members to your best clients, is using social media, it’s offering businesses and professionals an unprecedented opportunity to make important connections.

Unfortunately, many companies are missing out.

However that’s because, even though they see the value in using social network marketing, they aren’t using these sites like marketers. In other words, they’re approaching their relationships and communications with customers and potential customers they same way they do the people they know in their personal lives. Or, worse yet, they’re not employing any strategy at all.

Here are five tips for using online marketing goals to find new business:

Follow your business plan.

Whatever your normal, everyday strategy for gaining buyers is, make sure your online marketing goals efforts mirror that. If you need to drive customers to a retail store, use posts and updates to invite people in; if you compete by offering better service than your competitors. And be sure to highlight that service in your profile. The point is to use social media to highlight your competitive strengths, just as you would in any other marketing environment.

Be in business.

As we mentioned, it’s easy for business owners and professionals to fall into the trap of being overly “social.” There’s nothing wrong with showing off your personality or sense of humor, but try to let your customers, and potential customers, see you as a vendor, not someone who is overly goofy.

Include social media as a part of your online marketing goals.

Just as in the offline world, the key to making the right connections is in showing up ready to meet people, being interested in others, and being polite. Introduce yourself to as many people as possible, and pay attention to those who want to meet you. You never know how close you might be to a big account.

Post and update frequently.

It’s pretty easy to tell the people who are really interested in social media, and the ones who want to do the bare minimum to show they’re in business. Stay involved with your social media profiles, updates and messages. Have a little bit of fun with them. The more frequently you follow your online marketing goals and stay involved, the easier it’s going to be for colleagues and potential clients to find you.

Link back to your site and dealership.

Remember, your social media profiles don’t have to exist, and work, all on their own. Part of your online marketing goals should be to make it easier for people to click through to your website. Or even visit your retail store. You’ll have an easier time forging a business relationship once your contacts have had a chance to see you the way your current customers do.

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