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Sep 2020
Your Company’s Website is Your Brand

Website is Your BrandWebsite is Your Brand

The bigger the client, the more likely it is that an executive, owner, or employee is going to bring up branding at some point during one of our initial meetings about website design. Don’t get us wrong; branding is a great topic, and one that any business, large or small. Should take seriously. We don’t think the mistake is in considering the branding implications of a new site, but in thinking about them differently in the first place. Your website is your brand.

In other words, for most companies, the website is the most important part of the brand.

For a lot of years, this wouldn’t have been the case. Logos, printed collateral material. And even television commercials would all have factored in more prominently. These days, however, your website is likely to be a potential customer’s first impression of your company. And in some cases, it might be their last – either because they complete their transaction online. Or because they weren’t interested enough to stick around.

Web Design is Important

This might sound like an academic point, but it isn’t. That’s because, for all the notions that business owners and marketers come into the web design process with. The idea that they need to “stick with their brand” is one of the most pervasive. And, as we hope you’re starting to see, it’s also backwards.

If you want to establish a strong brand and set the tone for the future, start with your web design project. It’s the place most customers and colleagues are going to see you first. and the one resource that they are likely to come back to time and again as they look at your products, news, and business developments.

Your company’s website is probably the most important part of your ongoing branding efforts. Talk to us at Marcy Design to see how you can make a stronger impression on customers than others inside your industry.

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