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Oct 2015
Will Your Business Website Go Out of Style?


Your Business Website Improvement

With the holiday season – and the brand-new year – just around the corner. We’ve been turning our attention to some of the web design trends we expect to keep going strong in the coming months. For your business website.

Although websites generally don’t go “out of style” the way clothes do (although we’ve seen some that are definitely past their “best buy” dates), failing to update your pages means falling behind competitors who are more diligent. To check whether you’re keeping up or not, here are a handful of web design trends, ideas, and innovations you should be thinking about for 2016:

Responsive Websites

The need for a responsive website (one compatible with smartphones and tablets) isn’t new, but it’s getting to the point where going without mobile compatibility can do big damage to your Internet marketing efforts. Google doesn’t like non-responsive websites, and neither do the tens of millions of people using mobile devices every day.

Retina-Ready Pages

Speaking of mobile functionality, the new generation of iPads, Kindles, and Nexus devices all feature high-resolution “retina” screens. As a result, marketers are free to use sharper images and fonts on their pages. Doing so makes a great first impression, and increases your credibility in a potential customer’s mind through your business website.

Fast-Loading Graphics

Even though images can be sharper, webpages themselves are tending to be less dense. That’s partly because searchers are being overwhelmed with information, and partly because extra content means higher data usage charges. Fast-loading graphics are definitely the way to go moving forward for your your business website.

Easy to Navigate Layouts With Your Business Website

Nobody wants to take a long time trying to find the product, answer, or information they’re looking for. That’s especially true on a mobile device. So, easy navigation and simple search bars are in style for all websites, and especially those with lots of content.

The web is getting smarter, faster, and more mobile. If your website doesn’t reflect that already, you’re going to be playing catch-up in 2016. How can we help you stay ahead of your closest competitors and find more customers online?

Finally as a Columbus Ohio Website Design company. We will work with your business producing quality work and be more effective at marketing. And increase sales through online and traditional methods. You may review our overview listed below.


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