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Jul 2023
Will Hashtags Make Facebook More Valuable?

Do the Rules Change for Facebook AdvertisingFacebook More Valuable

Facebook recently announced that they’ll allow their status updates to include hashtags, making them similar to tweets. But while this is an idea that social media users have been requesting for some time, will it actually make the site more valuable for marketers?

There is the possibility that it could, if only because it makes your content more searchable. That’s because hashtags allow you to quickly associate your message with a trending topic or idea. So, if what you’re posting is relevant to current discussions, opinion, or public debate, you could get a lot more attention than you did in the past.

Additionally, marketers taking advantage of Facebook will have the opportunity to invent new hashtags. Start viral campaigns, and otherwise spread the word, just like they do on Twitter. For any of that to matter, though, you’re still going to have to have interesting content. Healthy following, and a good sense of what your market wants to hear.

In other words, Facebook more valuable hashtags aren’t necessarily game-changer. But could be a step in the right direction for any business that uses Facebook to find customers… or just any person who wants to spread their thoughts and opinions more efficiently.

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