Dec 2012
Why You Don't Need to Know Everything About Search Engine Optimization

From time to time, we meet with business owners and managers who either know a very great deal about search engine optimization, or wish they did. That’s not a bad idea, since they can help you understand a lot of what goes on behind the scenes, but we also advise clients not to go overboard trying to understand SEO.

In fact, there are three good reasons that you don’t need, or even want, to know everything there is about search engine optimization:

1. It’s just not possible to fully understand SEO. The algorithms that Google, Yahoo, and Bing use to determine search engine results are closely held secrets (otherwise, other companies would copy them). Beyond that, they are constantly changing. So, unless you are a top executive at Google, it’s going to be very difficult to ever fully understand SEO.

2. The details change, but the fundamentals don’t. By the same token, the main tools of search engine optimization (great original content and inbound links) haven’t changed in a long time, and aren’t likely to soon. So, once you understand the fundamentals, you know 95% of what you need to.

3. A lot of great SEO boils down to common sense. In other words, anything you do to make your site easier to find is generally going to be helpful, and will make a positive impact on both traffic and sales.

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