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Dec 2021
Why the Tweets You Need are the Ones You’d Read

Tweets You NeedTweets You Need

It doesn’t take too long on Twitter to realize that there is a whole lot of “stuff” out there. In fact, with an estimated 65 million tweets a day. We all have to be selective about what we pay attention to.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to not use Twitter as a soapbox to scream a sales or advertising message – followers will drop you like a hot potato and the rest of the world will tune you out. Instead, share stories and experiences, or point out things that are fun and interesting.

When you use Twitter as a marketing medium, your primary goal shouldn’t be to sell anything. You should be looking to come up with something that people will either respond to or pass along to others. Why? For one thing, it’s the only way to hold their attention. And for another, the goal isn’t to bump your sales revenue (at least not right away), it’s to start conversations.

Over time, you can bet that those conversations will lead to other connections, and eventually new sales and accounts. But if you start off the wrong way, you’re never even going to get a foot in the door. To work at all, social media has to be fun. This is especially true on Twitter, so tone down the commercials and start being an interesting tweeter.

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