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Apr 2021
Why the Answer to “Search Overload” Isn’t Another Search Engine

Another Search Engine

The brilliant marketing team at Bing only has it half right: The incredibly high number of results that come up for virtually any Internet search has made it harder, not easier, to find what we’re looking for. But what they conveniently leave out of their clever ads, however, is that what we want isn’t really another search engine – not even a smarter one.

What we really need is informed advice from other people.

For that reason, the biggest room for growth in Internet marketing doesn’t have to do with search engines all, but social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. By tapping us into our networks of friends, colleagues, and family members all at the same time, they help us take some of the confusion out of the buying process by giving us instant access to people we consider to be experts. While there might not be as much sheer information as there would be from a site like Google or Bing, that’s not nearly as important as getting opinions we trust.

The answer to “search overload” isn’t another search engine, it’s making connections with real people. Your potential customers are figuring that out every day, so embrace social media marketing and be sure they can find you in the places that are going to matter most. And make sure that your website design and marketing works towards that goal.

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