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Aug 2020
Why Social Media Matters to the Auto Industry

Why Social Media Matters

Social media, besides helping friends and family members stay in touch and up-to-date. Is quickly becoming known for the ways it is changing the relationships people have with the companies they do business with. Hundreds of millions of people are now using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn regularly. And they aren’t just looking at each other’s vacation photos. hey are also checking out referrals, vendors, and even entire companies. This is why social media matters.

That means social networking matters to every business… but especially those in the auto industry.

The reason is simple: the auto industry has always run on relationships. Whether it’s families who only prefer a certain brand of car. Or people who have always bought from the salesperson or dealership owner down the street. How comfortable customers feel with the people on the other end of an auto transaction is important.

Some experts, and even dealership owners, have questioned whether relationships still matter as much in the Internet age. In fact, relationships matter more than ever. The car ownership experience is built on relationships. The more your buyers know you, the less concerned they are about differences in price.

And these days, the best way to let people know you is by engaging them via social media. So, if your company or dealership isn’t leveraging the power of these sites already. Contact Marcy Design today to find out how we can help you expand your online reach and make car buyers more comfortable working with you.

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