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Nov 2022
Why Social Media Marketing is Just Like Your Social Life

Why Social Media MarketingWhy Social Media Marketing

Of all the Internet marketing tools and techniques that are out there, few are as aptly named as “social media,” which really does bring a strong relationship element to your company’s marketing. But why social media marketing.

It’s actually amazing to see how many different comparisons you can make to real life in world networks. And the way you have to approach potential customers on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact, we have noticed that there is one important way that social media marketing is just like your actual social life. If you try to do it all at once, you’ll burn yourself out.

If this doesn’t seem true, ask a salesperson or executive who’s just gotten back from a couple weeks of trade shows how they feel. Although the atmosphere can be exhilarating, the constant flow of new faces and ideas tends to be exhausting at the same time. It’s the same with social media sites – trying to accumulate thousands of friends and fans in a week or two leads to a lot of frustration and wasted effort. A better approach is to begin slowly and build relationships over time. Working to get to know people rather than boost measurable numbers quickly.

Just as with real relationships, the best social networking connections start with a polite introduction and move gradually from there. If you are patient and don’t try to rush things, you can build a following – and sense of buyer loyalty – that will take your competitors years to match.

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