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Nov 2020
Why Social Media is the New (and Improved) Word of Mouth

New Word of Mouth

It’s been said for a long time that there’s no better advertising for your web design than good word-of-mouth. After all, people might not believe what you say about yourself, but if it’s coming from another satisfied client – and especially someone they know – then a good word is worth its weight in gold.
But now, there’s something even better: social media.

To be fair, we’re really talking about a newer version of the same thing; what makes social media such a great tool is the potential for better and faster word-of-mouth. That’s not a small difference, however. It used to be that if someone had a great experience with your company, they had to take the time to write a letter, remember to tell another person, or have it come up in conversation, if it was going to do you any good at all.

Now, with the explosion of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites, referrals and recommendations are hardly ever more than a mouse click away. Or even less, if your customers are using mobile devices to connect with each other online.

To have your reputation for great service and prices spread like wildfire, you still have to provide great service and prices. But, for those companies and self-employed professionals who can step up and go the extra mile, social media has virtually removed the limits of how far, and how quickly, the good things your customers are saying can take you.

Is your organization leveraging the power of social media as effectively as it could be? If not, contact Marcy Design today; we have the tools and knowledge to take your social networking plan to the next level.

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