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Sep 2022
Why So Much of Marketing and Advertising Really Comes Down to Branding

Marketing and AdvertisingMarketing and Advertising

Although there aren’t any firm definitions that would satisfy everyone. Most executives would consider branding to involve things that have to do with the company’s public face. Like a logo or color scheme. Marketing and advertising, on the other hand, would usually include activities that are meant to generate leads or increase sales.

Those are fine distinctions, but the reality is that much of what we consider “marketing” and “advertising” are also branding activities, as well.

Why is this? And better yet, why does it matter?

The answer to both questions lies in the fact that your brand is more than just a piece of art. Or having people be able to recognize your business from a distance. It’s about the expectation of what they can get when they buy from you. That certainly starts with your logo. But it also incorporates your advertising, not to mention things like online reviews, your pricing strategy. And even the efficiency of your customer service team.

We mentioned this today because we want to give all of our clients a reminder that branding really is your business. The more you can remember that, and think about all the different aspects and ingredients that go into customers’ impression of your company. The more efficient and effective all of your campaigns are going to be.

When your brand is strong, it’s easier to market to new customers. That isn’t just playing with words… it’s bottom-line common sense.

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