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Jun 2023
Why “Online Marketing” Isn’t the Right Term for Attracting Customers

The first thing to remember is that at Marcy Design we’re great at building small business websites. We also happen to be accomplished in the field of online marketing… we just don’t talk about it in those terms very often.

Equally there are entire agencies built on the concept of online marketing. So why don’t we love that terminology? In this short article we’ll explain why, starting with a point that may have come to your mind already.

“Online Marketing” Makes People Think of Shortcuts and Buzzwords

All in all the first problem with the term “online marketing” is that it has been driven into the ground by people selling the digital equivalent of snake oil. There are so many companies out there saying that they can bring you endless numbers of leads if you’ll just buy their program or pay their contractors. Enough is enough.

Lots of online marketing agencies are legitimate and helpful. But the best ones tend to charge tons of money and work for Fortune 500 firms. Many of the others aren’t offering anything of real value. The relatively small number of companies like ours does something different by helping solid businesses grow using ethical techniques.

Great Marketing Often Includes a Mix of Online Marketing Tactics

The second problem with labeling our work as “online marketing” is that it wouldn’t be entirely accurate. While much of what we do is digital, we also recognize that there are old-school techniques – like printed flyers, billboards, and even direct mail – that can work in the right contexts.

A point often overlooked is that effective marketing is all about maximizing budgets and opportunities. That often calls for campaigns of tightly focused digital ads, but there are still plenty of non-internet strategies that can pay off. It doesn’t help us, or our clients, to close our minds to methods that show a positive return.

Our Business Is about Growth, Not Internet Tricks

Put together the first two points and you arrive at a bigger conclusion. We don’t often refer to our work as “online marketing” because it’s much bigger than that. Our goal is to help our clients grow and thrive. What we do on the web is certainly part of that, but it isn’t the focus.

In addition we spend a lot of time creating custom websites. That isn’t all we do, though. Included are things like content marketing and general sales advice. We try not to go too far beyond our own areas of expertise, but we never get so focused on things like click-through rates that we miss the wider picture. We are in this industry to help businesses get stronger. And we’ve been doing it long enough to know that you can’t succeed if you only pay attention to pixels and algorithms.

Want to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Finally if you’re ready to build a stronger business based on sustainable results through online marketing, rather than the latest hacks and fads, then we might be the partner you have been looking for. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about what we can do to help your business grow in 2023 and beyond.

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