May 2013
Why Online Marketing is Coming to Retail Store Aisles

Why Online Marketing is Coming to Retail Store AislesIn a recent study, Google concluded that more than three-quarters of all mobile web users pull out their smart phones and tablets to compare prices and other factors while shopping. In other words, they don’t step into your retail storefront alone – they bring with them product reviews, locations for your competitors, inventory data, and much more.

This is inevitable in many ways, but it also means that you need to treat retail sales a little more like Internet marketing. That means not just appealing to customers on the spot, but thinking about things like pricing, speed, and even usability.

How does something like usability apply to your retail store instead of your business website? It means products that are easy to find, pricing specials that are simple to understand, and a sales staff that is helpful rather than overbearing. Put these things together, and you’ll give buyers a good shopping experience, which they won’t just return for, but will rate highly on review sites, social profiles, and elsewhere.

The lines between online and off-line retailing are blurring even further with mobile computing. Are you ready for the next step in marketing to people who are already in your store?

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