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Nov 2018
Why Businesses Need Web Design Company With Industry Experience

Web Design Company Experience

If you’re a business, do you need a web design company with business experience? Does it matter if your creative team has worked with other companies like yours? Conventional wisdom within our industry would dictate that having done work with the business industry isn’t all that important. After all, a website is a website. And a business firm doesn’t use different HTML from a restaurant or a car dealership. However, many years of experience – including dozens of successful projects with businesses throughout the Midwest. Have taught us that experience does matter, particularly in this industry. That’s because there are nuances specific to businesses that make products. And those are best learned through successive web design assignments. To give you a sense of just why it’s so important for businesses to work with web designers who get what they do, let’s take a close-up look at what makes these kinds of projects unique…

Business Are Not All the Same

In most businesses, the challenge for a web designer is putting together a layout that’s consistent with an entrepreneur’s vision or existing brand elements. For companies, though, there are many other considerations, including content and document management, inventory control, real-time pricing, supply chain logistics, and so much more. The fact that products have to be described, priced, and delivered in a highly accurate way changes the game. It means a website can’t just serve as an online brochure. But has to be a real-world business tool that can be relied upon by customers, vendors, and sales reps at all times. You already know all the different details involved in running a business. Make sure you choose a web designer who understands the complexity of your business.

Business Websites Need to Grow and be Maintained

What your company sells today might not be the same as what you’re offering tomorrow. Product specs and prices change, as do rebates, entire product lines, and shipping terms. If your business website can’t be updated quickly to reflect all of this, then it isn’t very useful to the people who rely on it. For that reason, content management system (CMS) installation and training can be critical. There simply isn’t room in the market for a static collection of pages that isn’t being updated and maintained. An experienced web design team will recognize this and ensure you have the tools you need to keep everything current. You want a website design company who will plan for the growth of your website. And your company as a whole. If they don’t, you could find yourself spending a lot more than you’d hoped on new pages and content every month.

Some Business Websites Need Custom Programming

Depending on how you want customers, employees, and vendors to be able to use your website, some tools and plug-ins might be required. For example, you may want a sales representative to be able to access real-time inventory from a smart phone. Or, you may want buyers to be able to automatically calculate things like shipping times and currency conversions, or to track pending deliveries. In each case, you’ll want your web design team to choose, install, and possibly even program the proper plug-ins. You won’t simply want software that does the job, but apps that are stable, compatible with one another, and secure. So you don’t have to worry about hackers getting into your website. Web development and custom programming can be important for any business. But they are especially pertinent to business clients. A web design partner with business experience will help you plan out features at the beginning of the process, rather than adding in new apps and plug-ins at the end. The result is a website that does what you need it to, but without affecting performance or security.

Your Business Website Needs Lots of Content

Businesses generate a lot of content. Some companies can have hundreds or thousands of spec sheets, including the details for items that have been discontinued. You could add to that catalogs and brochures, along with the normal web pages and marketing documents any business would produce. Managing all of that data, and disseminating it to salespeople and customers through a variety of different platforms and file types, can be an overwhelming challenge. If your web designer hasn’t helped you to plan for content and document management. You’ll constantly find yourself struggling with duplicated and outdated resources. This is another area where a good website design company, with lots of business experience, can be a huge help.

Businesses Should Approach Online Marketing Differently

Your average B2C or B2B has a very definable customer base, and specific ways of reaching out to them. Online retailers use pay-per- click advertising, for instance, while hotels tend to focus on TripAdvisor reviews and bundling sites. For a lot of companies, though, things have to be handled a little differently. For one thing, a company might sell to individual customers, wholesalers, and retailers directly. Those campaigns have to be consistent, while at the same time directing buyers towards the appropriate resources (and pricing) for their needs. Additionally, there might be specialized review outlets and industry resources to be utilized. Marcy Design is the website design company that you need. Successful companies have a lot of different online marketing channels to take advantage of. They can’t just rely on search engine optimization, email marketing, eCommerce, or inbound lead generation. Very often they’ll have to be successful with all of them at once to maximize profits.

We are the Midwest’s Best Business Website Design Company

If you’re ready to work with the best website design company in the business when it comes to business website development. Then it’s time you meet the team at Marcy Design in Columbus, Ohio. We have helped dozens of companies like yours to not only get beautiful websites. But integrate things like online catalogs, information automation, and other digital age advantages into their businesses. When you work with us, you get all the cost savings that come with hiring a small, committed team of creative professionals. At the same time, you get the benefits of working with experienced professionals who can handle any sized job. It costs you nothing to get a free consultation and website review, so don’t delay. Reach out to our team today and let us put our experience to work for you!

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