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Jan 2023
Why a Stronger Google AdWords Score Can Make or Break Your Internet Advertising Campaign

Google AdWords ScoreGoogle AdWords Score

For all the attention the new Internet advertisers pay to the wording in their pay-per-click ads, or their bid price and keywords. Most don’t look closely enough at the quality scores in their accounts. Even though those numbers can drastically influence the success and/or profitability of every ad.

If you aren’t that familiar with quality scores, here is what you need to know: Google uses them to judge the relevancy (or credibility) of your ad. The higher your score, the less you have to pay for a top search position.

For example, suppose your company sells “goat wool sweaters” over the Internet. If you have a quality score of 5/10, and bid a dollar for each click, your effective ad value is 5 (5 times 1). Now, suppose you raise that score to 8/10; that same one dollar bid now gives you a value of 8. That means that your ad can rank higher than another company’s if they have a low quality score, even if they have a higher overall bid (like a $2 bid and 2/10 quality score for a total value of 4).

We will look at strategies you can pursue to raise your Google AdWords quality score in the future. But for the moment it’s enough to point out that you should constantly examine your quality scores to see where there might be room for improvement. After all, the better your score is, the better chance you have of customers seeing your ad. And that the sales you make from AdWords will be profitable.

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