Dec 2012
When is it OK to Lose Money on a PPC Campaign?

This sounds like a trick question, since it’s never really a good idea to lose money on anything. That being said, there are times when a pay-per-click online advertising campaign can fail to show positive revenue, in the short term, and still be good for your company.

The reason has little to do with immediate sales, and everything to do with the value of researching keywords and testing different marketing messages.

No matter how good your Internet marketing plan is, things rarely ever work to perfection the first time around. Or, even if they do, different variables (like the products you are offering, or your competitors’ prices) change over time. For these reasons, it’s helpful to have a quick, efficient short-term tool that can get you instant feedback on what you’re trying to do.

PPC ads can be the perfect answer. Because they can be turned on or off at any time, and changed at will, they allow you to experiment with different concepts in a short-term time frame. Even better, they let you do it without spending a lot of money. And so, even if they aren’t generating the kind of sales you would like in the beginning, they can help you refine your message and stop you from devoting even more time and resources to the wrong ideas.

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