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Sep 2020
When Building Your Business Website, Don’t Forget the Content

Building Business WebsitesBuilding Business Websites

There’s an exciting moment when we get to show a client what their new design looks like. Or even just watching their faces when we present them with an updated layout. That’s because most of us, on one level or another, are visual thinkers. We are hardwired to be blown away by pretty pictures and stunning graphics.

When it comes to designing and launching a new business website. This can actually present something of a challenge.
The reason is that, as great as a beautifully arranged webpage can look, they rarely represent the end reason someone would choose to visit. Put another way, even though the look of the page will always be the first thing a visitor notices. It’s the content that usually convinces them to stay and return.

That makes creating layouts a double-edged sword; not only do they have to draw the eye and attract attention. But at the same time it’s just as important that they let the prominent messages on the page stand out. This sounds simple enough in theory, but in practice it can be a nightmare of competing interests.

As you plan your next web project, don’t become so distracted by the images or visual elements of your pages that you ignore the content that’s going to go on them… or neglect to write something compelling in the first place. Because once your visitors have gotten over how impressive your site looks, they’re going to want to know what you can do for them, and why they should choose to do business with you instead of someone else. And that’s a whole lot easier to accomplish with words than it is with clipart stock photos.

If you need a business website that sounds as great as it looks, contact Marcy Design about our online marketing development packages. We’ll make sure your content and layouts are working together to make your company money.

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