Apr 2013
What We Can Learn From the Strength of TV Advertising

What We Can Learn From the Strength of TV AdvertisingA handful of studies have shown that, while print and radio advertising are becoming less popular (or at least are drawing and fewer dollars than in the past), television ads have been remaining steady for years. In other words, companies might be diverting more of their money toward Internet advertising and away from magazines and radio stations, but television isn’t seeing a similar decrease.

What can we make of this information?

The obvious answer is that TV remains popular, even though some television shows are finding new outlets online. But looking a bit deeper, we can see two important ideas at work:

First, that smart advertisers go where their customers are. In other words, it isn’t that companies aren’t making the most of Internet ads, just that they haven’t given up on television since it still works. If your customers watch TV, read magazines, etc., the same lessons probably apply.

And secondly, that good entertainment always draws an audience. Even with video games, the Internet, and other leisure activities to compete with, ratings for top television shows have been strong for the past few years. That’s because television is still great, cost-effective entertainment for a lot of people.

While television might not be the only game in town anymore, it is still incredibly popular and probably will be for some time. Should that affect your advertising strategy? Schedule a free consultation with a member of our team and find out.

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